About Us

Hope and Belief is an online mental health space that aims to promote overall mental health and well-being in people, especially children. We believe in addressing problems, accepting them, finding solutions, and providing a safe space for people to explore, implement and become better with our help and support. We are truly invested in helping people understand the powers of thoughts, positive energies, and using affirmations to live better, happy, and content life.

What sets us apart?

While all other mental health associations are focused on dealing with mental issues and treating them, Hope and Belief focuses on the bigger picture – understanding the potential of the mind, accessing its hidden areas, and using the mind power for an absolutely magical life.

Here’s our founder’s story and you’ll love it.

Hope and Belief was founded by Aysha Ahmed who realized the potential of mind and its power from a very early age. Here is her amazing true story and journey, in her words.

“I remember, I was in 7th or 8th grade and all my friends absolutely believed that I had a cursed tongue because everything I said, would happen. It got to a point where they would ask me if they will pass or fail in a given subject and what ever I said would happen. Then it accelerated to a point where I would, without any thought, tell them how many marks they would get in a test and they would get exactly those marks.

This happened in every aspect of my life. As a teenager who believed in magic and powers, everything made me believe that I was special or I possessed some extra ordinary super powers that others did not.

Was I really special? Noh!
Did I possess any extra ordinary super powers? Noh!

Then why was my mind working like I was a witch, crafting spells through my thoughts or words? 

I had absolute, unquestioned and immeasurable BELIEVE that whatever I thought, happens. I was (I still am) a huge believer of fairytales, magic, and miracles. We all know that the core foundation of using the mind power is to access it through the subconscious part of the mind . Since I was not aware of what I was doing, I was accessing my mind subconsciously and that was one of my biggest gift. 

Another factor that helped me in big ways was how my friends and family perceived me. They all believed that whatever I said would happen. So in a way they were all sending positive and affirmative energies towards my belief, making my thoughts even more powerful.

It was not until my 11th grade, when I truly started reading, researching, and learning about Mind Power, Power of Thoughts, Positive Energies, Connecting with the universe, and Finding Your Centre. I became completely aware of what I had been doing without even knowing it. Since then, I have been practicing mind power in all areas of my life.

The inspiration of Hope and Belief comes from my first born boy who was diagnosed with ADHD. He was having trouble adjusting socially, couldn’t communicate with more than a word, and had tantrums on even the slightest of changes. Being his mom was a difficult 24 hour physical job.

But in all those downs, his mind boggled me. At 2.5 years, he could remember what had happened 6 months back.  He was able to identify alphabets, numbers,  shapes, colors and he had memorized all nursery poems – big and small. He could even say dialogues of his favorite movie, word for word or tell which poem would be next in a specific youtube poem compilation video.

I took him to various doctors and they were all amazed by his intellectual strength and his mental development that normally others of his age do not reach. I specifically remember one doctor telling me that in all his professional life, he had never seen an ADHD child like him and that whatever I was doing with him, was working like magic.

This is when I found my true purpose of life – to spread Hope and Belief.”

– Aysha Ahmed
Founder, Hope and Belief

Our Mission

Our mission at Hope and Belief is to help others realize the true potential of the mind and thoughts. More importantly, understand that thoughts have energies that is sent into the universe, and it reaches back. Being positive has a lot more to do than just being happy, it’s about clearing your mind from all the negative thoughts and using the positive thoughts to accomplish far greater things in life.

We are also on our mission to help other mothers in the same battle as our founder once was. To give all the mothers a ray of Hope and Belief that there is still a chance and it’s worth fighting for. All it takes is being positive, staying strong, and having an absolute belief in the power of their thoughts.