Become a Money Magnet Part 1 – How to Make Money with Mind Power

Money with Lock - Attract Money With Mind Power

Are you stuck financially – a job that pays less, money that goes away faster than it comes, bank account that has no savings, and loans that stand tall as mountains? While everyone around you is sharing their success stories, bragging about their new car, inviting you to their housewarming parties, and going on exotic trips, you can barely survive the month with the money that you have.

If you are working hard and trying every possible strategy in your work life, but still not achieving the financial results as expected, then you are stuck financially.

Unlock your financial powers now – become a money magnet that attracts good money.

Your subconscious mind is about 90% of your mind power. Tough to understand? It’s like the computer. Your brain is the hardware while mind is the software. Just like a computer needs hardware and software upgrade from time to time, so does your brain and mind.  You’ve to train your brain to attract money with mind power. You’ve to train the conscious and subconscious mind to collaborate with each other and make you able to attract money fast. When you change your outlook on life for the better, you’ll start seeing the changes immediately.

Whenever you develop a new hobby or a liking for any activity, you subconsciously see that thing everywhere around you and get ideas to pursue it, because that’s what your mind strives for. It’s the same principle on how to attract money.

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4 Ways to Attract Money with Mind Power

In order to train your mind to strive for money, give it the upgrade that it needs for compatibility. Let’s do this by following these 4 ways to attract money.

1. Shift your thoughts on abundance and be grateful

Instead of thinking about lack of things, focus on what all you have in abundance, and be grateful for it. If you focus on lacking, you will never find out what you can do with your available resources, hence wasting your time and energy. Being grateful for all the abundant resources you have will start clearing your mind of the negativity. When you become grateful for what you have, you start attracting more.

2. Swap your negative thoughts with positive thoughts

Although you don’t realize it, you discourage yourself by saying sentences like “I can’t earn money from home” or “I can’t afford that”. If you want to attract money with mind power, you have to get rid of all your negative thoughts, and turn them into positive thoughts – “I have enough money,” and “I always have money to buy what I want.”   Your subconscious mind will start thinking of possible ways to accomplish it.

3. Repeat powerful affirmations throughout the day

Affirmations have special powers to turn them into reality. When you keep repeating affirmations throughout the day, your subconscious mind starts finding ways to make it a reality. Keep repeating your financial affirmations throughout the day.

4. Create a strong positive energy within you and around you.

Your surrounding energies have a huge impact on your life, whether you know it or not. If you have a friends’ circle that keeps discouraging you, you’ll find yourself unable to do anything. It’s because they create a negative environment around you.  But if you have a friends’ circle that keeps encouraging you, you’ll find yourself doing the impossible. It’s because they create a positive environment around you. Stay away from negative environment and whenever you find yourself surrounded by negative energies, use your inner positive energy to deflect it.

Making money online quickly is not difficult anymore – you just have to change your mindset and start training your subconscious mind to become a money magnet.

Stay tuned for the next part in this series – Become a Money Magnet where we will be covering:

  1. Unlocking the power to attract money by a simple trick of sharing.
  2. Overpowering fear of failure with positive motivational thoughts.
  3. Seizing opportunities to attract money fast.
  4. Visualizing money as a technique of becoming money magnet.
  5. Adopting positivity to magnify your financial powers.

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