Become a Money Magnet Part 2 – Visualizing Money & Attracting Wealth

Money with Lock - Attract Money With Mind Power

The secret to become a money magnet was never so easy before. Nobody ever thought you had the ability to make money with mind power or you could attract wealth by simply visualizing it in your memory. But more and more people are now revealing their secret to making money by simply using their mind power and the power of their thoughts.  

In our previous part, Become a Money Magnet Part 1, we explored the 4 ways of attracting money with mind power which was done by shifting your thoughts to abundance, swapping your negative thoughts, repeating powerful affirmations and creating a positive energy around you.           

 This is our 2nd part of the Become a Money Magnet series, we are going to explore how to attract money with mind power using positive thinking, visualization, and a firm mindset.Needy person sitting beside the building, looking across the street

Share and be Generous to Attract More Money 

“There is no joy in possession without sharing.” 

— Erasmus 

It is the time to unlock your power to attract money by a simple trick—sharing. You may have little money in your pocket right now. You can share a little of what you have, with anyone that you consider as needy. Look for people around you. There could be many white collar people who might need something which you have. Help them with little money, because for them, it could be a major help. Other than money, you can help by giving food, old clothes, your knowledge or even a hearing ear. When you start doing this, you will naturally see positivity in yourself, and your giving hand will soon start to make money quickly. 

Overpower Fear of Failure with Positive Motivational Thoughts 

When you are penniless because of your bad past decisions, sometimes you get so cautious on trying something new, that you don’t try it at all. You keep thinking how to attract money immediately but can’t reach a final decision. This is because you fear failure again. It’s not necessary that once you failed, it will happen again. You just have to evaluate your previous mistakes and need to know what you can do to improve yourself. Once you are done with this, you will see clear money making ideas coming to your mind.  

Seize Opportunities to Attract Money Fast 

When you want to earn big money fast, you should not ignore any small chance to make money. You have to be one of the first to seize any lawful chance to make money, even if it looks very petty. This way, you are training your mind that it is a step closer to your dream money. The more you seize the chances, the more you are training your subconscious mind to collaborate with your brain to seize better chances. 

Visualize Money as a Technique of Becoming Money Magnet 

One of the ways to attract money is to visualize money. Visualization technique will not only attract money into your life but also make you see the opportunities you once could not see. You have to step into those opportunities that opened after visualization and start to make money online from home. 

Visualization can be done in the form of directly visualizing money or in the form of objects that you wish to have. If you want to go on a holiday, visualize yourself having lots of money in hand, as well as having a plane ticket and hotel reservation. If you want to have a particular sum of money, visualize yourself with a cheque of that amount, or a bank statement of it. Practice visualizations as long and as often as you enjoy them as they will impact the manifestation power. 

Adopt Positivity to Magnify your Financial Powers 

When you start doing something new, it is very easy to get discouraged for doing it. This discouragement could be from another person or your own self. You have to adopt positivity into your life to magnify your financial powers. Wherever you are and whatever you are doing, always keep a positive attitude towards it. Everyone makes mistakes, but best of us is those who turn those failures into lessons. Don’t give up on your previous failures, start with a new energy, with full hope and belief that your dreams will come true. Even if you are surrounded by a negative situation, think about the positive ideas to come out of that situation. Treat yourself as your best friend who never lets you down in any situation. 

To earn money from home has become easier than before. Applying the aforementioned techniques in your brain training session will soon make you able to follow your dream of becoming a money magnet. 

Stay tuned for the next part in this series – Become a Money Magnet where we will be focusing on following mental exercises to boost mind power to earn money. 

  1. Learning abundance meditation and practicing it 
  2. Performing positive affirmations to magnify your financial power 

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