Road between Forest, covered with fallen leaves

Understanding and Exploring Lucid Dreaming

Imagine you are in a dream and at the same time being aware that you are in a dream and have the ability to control your dream – the dream’s narrative, characters, and environment. Lucid dreaming offers an exhilarating experience where the boundaries between reality and the dream world blur, providing an incredible opportunity for self-exploration and …

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Powerful Daily Affirmations - Background

Powerful Daily Affirmations – An Effective Tool for Mental Health & Well-being

Affirmation is a group of positive sentences or optimistic phrases that can be used repeatedly in our regular lives, either spoken aloud or talked to ourselves. It can be used to combat negative thoughts and egotism. Many mental health experts believe that frequent use of these powerful daily affirmations can alter our emotions, decrease our …

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Hope and Belief Monthly Insights Newsletter - Mental Health Awareness

Hope & Belief Monthly Newsletter – December Edition

It’s the end of month and the end of the year. Everyone is enjoying the winter holidays in all parts of the world. At Hope and Belief, we continued to spread mental health awareness, spiritual healing, and positive thoughts by addressing mental health issues for all – adults, teenagers, and children to make their lives …

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Woman sitting on wooden floor - meditation & yoga

Five Key Points of Meditation to Achieve Serenity

As a person with no meditating experience, the first thought that comes to your mind when you think of meditation to achieve serenity is – a Buddhist sitting cross-legged, levitating, with his eyes closed and a serene expression on his face. Whether anyone honks beside him or beats drums, he does not lose his composure. …

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Calm and serene crystal ball on a beach - Spiritual and Meditation | Alpha State of Mind

Meditation – The Key To Reach Alpha State Of Mind

I want you to pause yourself. Stop what you are doing. Sit back and think, when was the last time you felt elevated -light, content and absolutely free? 

I am talking about a time when you were not in a hurry to go somewhere, to be somewhere, to do something or to be someone. A moment when you were, JUST YOU. A time when nothing around you mattered, not even checking for social media updates over your phone as if one second delay would cause a nuclear world war. A time when you you had nothing on your mind, no cooking, assignments, projects, love, family, or money. 


If you can remember that time and if that time is not more than 24 hours away, kudos to you my dear friend for you have mastered the art of life.

If you can’t remember having that time, then sadly you are living a very monotonous robotic life – work, money, projects, assignments, deadlines, quotas, mortgages, installments, loans etc. Everything is today except “you.” “You” are always tomorrow and that tomorrow never really comes, does it? 

Meditation gives you that “you” moment.