Meditation – The Key To Reach Alpha State Of Mind

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I want to begin this blog by saying I am very happy that my blogs are helping so many people. Thank you so much for all the the comments and appreciation emails. They are pumping me up to write more and do more. I pray that everyone can find peace of mind and true happiness in their hearts with what they have. Being content is the greatest gift you can give to yourself, and I pray that for everyone. 

Many of the emails I received had a similar question – Why is meditation important and why is it the key to reach alpha state of mind? So today’s blog is dedicated to answering this question. 

What is Alpha State of Mind

An “alpha state of mind” is a state in which the mind is relaxed and open to new possibilities because you enter a light hypnotic state where the mind can do extremely powerful things and achieve great things. This state of mind is achieved through various methods.

In fact, when you enter Alpha state every night, when you are drifting into sleep.

When you are awake, your mind is in Beta state with a brain activity between 14 to 30 HZ. When you sleep, your mind is in Theta state with a brain activity between 4 – 7 HZ, which drops below 3 HZ, taking you into the Delta state when you are in deep sleep.

Between the Beta state of mind and Theta state of mind, right when you are drifting into deep sleep, is the Alpha state, where magic happens. 

The Connection Between Meditation and Alpha State of Mind

Why meditation, right?

I want you to pause yourself. Stop what you are doing. Sit back and think, when was the last time you felt elevated -light, content and absolutely free? 

I am talking about a time when you were not in a hurry to go somewhere, to be somewhere, to do something or to be someone. A moment when you were, JUST YOU. A time when nothing around you mattered, not even checking for social media updates over your phone as if one second delay would cause a nuclear world war. A time when you you had nothing on your mind, no cooking, assignments, projects, love, family, or money. 


If you can remember that time and if that time is not more than 24 hours away, kudos to you my dear friend for you have mastered the art of life.

If you can’t remember having that time, then sadly you are living a very monotonous robotic life – work, money, projects, assignments, deadlines, quotas, mortgages, installments, loans etc. Everything is today except “you.” “You” are always tomorrow and that tomorrow never really comes, does it? 

Meditation gives you that “you” moment.

Let me tell you about my first experience of meditation. I cannot truly explain it in words but I felt like I was above the ground. Floating in the clouds. I had nothing to worry about. I was not running. I was not being judged. I was not competing. I was absolutely me – calm and content. My mind came to a sudden stop from all the wandering thoughts. My body was relaxing and I could feel each muscle in my body loosen up. My heart felt that sudden warmth of contentment, happiness and peace.

Imagine becoming a pro at meditation and having this phenomenal moment everyday. 

Quick, Easy & Effective Meditation Method

Now, personally, I am a type of person who cannot just sit in one place doing nothing which makes meditation all the more a tough task for me. I want something quick, easy and fruitful. If only there was an app for that haha 🙂

I read many books on meditation and tried different methods but only one stood out as simple, easy and highly effective. And I would like to share that method with you all to help you reach that state of mind so you can experience the same contentment that I did. 

Step 1 : Find a spot & a perfect time.

Find a place that you feel good about. That one place in the house that clicks in your heart. That makes you say, “yes this is it.” You can choose if you want this place to be in a sunlit area or a dark place, under the open sky or in your basement. It just has to be the place that you like best.

My personal choice? I like a place that has a faint vibrant light. If it’s night, I switch on a lamp and close all other lights. If it’s day time, I let the sun light penetrate through the curtains giving me a very dim lighted room. A romantic kind of atmosphere because let’s be honest, I am a very romantic kind of a girl and I am going on a date with myself 🙂

As for the time. You need a quiet time. Choose a time when you know you won’t be disturbed unless it’s an emergency. If you are a mother, choose the time when your kids are off to school. If you live close to a heavy traffic area, choose the night time. 

Step 2 : Put yourself in a meditative position.  

Sit in your favorite spot with your legs crossed. Relax yourself. Close your eyes. Now count backwards from 100 while working on your breathing – inhale and exhale as you count backwards.

Counting backwards will help you focus on counting and stop your thoughts from wandering – no distractions, just backward counting. With every count, relax yourself further.

Step 3 : Reach 0 – the point of elevation and Alpha state of mind.

When you reach 0, you will feel the magic. For each, the experience is very different. You might feel circles of energy, in a calm dream, or in a sleep like state. Your body will become light. Your thoughts will be centered and there will be a sudden sense of energy around you. That’s when you will know that you have reached your point of elevation. This is the magical Alpha state of mind.

Now what?

You can either just enjoy that moment of purity, chant holy verses, say affirmations or get spiritual healing. Remember, to use an effective and right way of affirmations and manifestations

My personal favorite is repeating the affirmation – “Everyday in everyway I am getting better, better and better.” These words have got so much power, especially when you repeatedly say it visioning all spheres of life. When saying this affirmation, my mind automatically focuses on the word ” in every way”, i.e I am getting better in every way – love, money, health, mind powers, super powers, beauty, fame etc.

Sometimes I also like to chant things that I want to achieve. Like I say I have beautiful hair, glowing skin, perfect smile and whatever that I am aiming for.

Step 4 : Ending your meditation.

After you have completely enjoyed being elevated, it times to end your meditation. Now, I always emphasis on ending a meditation with a proper method instead of simply and abruptly opening your eyes because it is as important as starting a meditation.

Before opening your eyes say these words, or any words of similar notion: I will now count backwards from 10. When I reach 0 and open my eyes, I will continue to feel amazing, awesome, better and happy.”

Then count backwards from 10 and open your eyes when you reach 0.

Step 5 : SMILE

When you open your eyes, take a very deep breath and SMILE as wide as you can. And when you smile, that moment will be out of this world contentment and happiness. 

If you loved reading this blog and if you experienced something magical, let me know because I would love to hear and connect with you. Questions are always welcomed. I love answering plus I am a very chatty person, so it’s a win-win.

That’s all for now. May your life be surrounded by all the positive energies.  

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68 thoughts on “Meditation – The Key To Reach Alpha State Of Mind”

  1. Hi there Aisha. If you want to have perfect eyes, as in to get rid of things in your eyes, would it help to have a picture of a perfect eye and visualize it while meditating and doing affirmations? Would that be a good way? I believe that if I do it this way it will definitely work. Thank you!

      1. Awesome!! I’m so excited to get this started!! And by the way, in order to get the mind power process started, we should follow the 7 week meditation and chant each time whilst saying what we desire right? 🙂

        1. It depends on person to person. If you have a gut feeling that you have a control over your mind, you wouldn’t need meditation. But it is essential for beginners because through meditation you get introduced to the alpha stage for the first time and that sticks in your mind for later when you try to reach it even without meditation.

          1. Ahhh I see thanks so much Aisha! So after reaching the alpha stage I can then proceed to visualization and affirmations without even needing to meditate? Thanks a bunch!!! 😀

          2. Yes that’s right. Imagine you are entering a parking lot and you want to get a good parking slot asap, you wouldn’t start meditating to reach alpha in order to get a parking slot, right? All you do is reach your instant alpha stage and order a parking slot.

            That’s how instant your alpha stage should get.

  2. Hi Aisha , how do get into relaxed mood when counting backwards? Just saying “I am feeling relaxed” would be enough ???? Could you elaborate please? I am planning to do 7 week program staring this Sunday 😉

    1. No, don’t say affirmations while you are counting… focus on your breathing when counting backwards…

      Take deep breaths… Inhale deeply and then while exhaling, try to relax your body, step by step… Begin from your head, then shoulder, then hands, then torso, then legs and then feet….

      When you exhale, think about letting go of your body.Lighten it. You are releasing all the burden. You are becoming lighter. You are floating on a cloud in the sky. Relax relax relax.

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  4. Thanks a lot Aisha for your advice.. hmmm.. but it may sound funny, i tried to count from 100 to backwards.. by the time i reach around 70, i literally sleep off.. may be it’s because, i do it just before sleep.. because as a working mom, that’s the most convenient time i get my own… Could you let me know is there any “tricks” to not to sleep :((

    1. Are you meditating to relax yourself or to achieve something (affirmations)?

      If you are meditating to relax yourself, then go to sleep at 70. Meditate on your bed. Relax your body, mind and soul while you are on bed. If you are able to sleep through counting, it is meditation enough.

      But if you are using it to do affirmations, I would say changing the time of your meditation because at night you are completely exhausted. So the moment you reach the alpha stage, since it’s the stage of utmost relaxation, you fall asleep. You could try to do it early in the morning. Wake up just 10 minutes earlier than your usual time.

      There is another method though. But as a working mom, I wouldn’t recommend it to you. In that method, what you do is, at night when you lie down on bed, you say your affirmations and repeat your affirmations until you go to sleep (which of course you will not know when you fell asleep). In this way, your mind will keep repeating the affirmations and when the frequency of your mind is the same as the frequency of the universe aka alpha stage, your message will be delivered to the universe.

      But through this method, your brain will be awake all night. It will keep track of the frequency and send the signals when it perfectly synchronized, hence staying alert all night. So that means, when you wake up in the morning, even though you have slept, your mind will be tired just like it is tired after spending hours in office.

      And as a working mother, you definitely need your sound sleep.

  5. Thanks a lot Aisha for your valuable comments!! I really appreciate you for taking time and clarifying my doubts… I do have some affirmations which i wanted to happen in real life.But as you suggested i was trying to relax while meditating without telling any affirmations. What i was planning is, once i reach alpha state ( i hope i would!!), i will tell the affirmations.. but even after 2 weeks, i am nowhere close to that path :((

    1. Why don’t you continue with the same meditation pattern. Don’t worry if you are sleeping on it. The main aim is to find relaxation. As for affirmations, say them throughout the day whenever you remember them. If the affirmations can be visuals, have a poster where you can see it often.

  6. Abubakar Illiasu

    Nothing much to say. God bless u. still trying to do away with negative thoughts . Alhamdulillah am making progress….

    1. That’s great to hear. And I am sure you must have heard of the phrase “disappointment is a sin and hopelessness is infidelity and disbelief”. Also “Indeed, no one despairs of relief from Allah except the disbelieving people.” Never give up hope of Allah’s mercy; in fact none despairs of Allah’s mercy except the unbelieving people.” – Surah 12. Yusuf, Ayah 87

      Whatever that I have talked about in my blogs, relates to what Islam teaches us. To be positive…To believe…To Ask… FROM Allah.

  7. It seems I can’t get alpha mind, I don’t see any effects and I am not elevated, does it require a few sessions before you see the changes?

    1. How many weeks has it been since you started meditating? Reaching alpha depends on person to person. Some reach it in the first go, some may have to go through a few weeks.

      Are you following the same procedure? May be you can try to listen to some Alpha beats while meditating. See if that helps.

      1. Ah, I’ll wait a bit then.

        Also whenever I meditate everything seems crisper, more whiter, and sort of more clearer in appearance when I open my eyes, is this normal? It goes away after a few minutes.

        1. It’s a sign that you are reaching the Alpha Stage. Everyone’s experience of Alpha Stage is different. Your’s is different too. When I first started meditating, I noticed that when I opened my eyes and saw my palm, I could see the lines on my hand as if they were magnified.

          Try looking at your palm and the lines after you finish meditating.

          And you are certainly getting there. What do you do in the Alpha stage in meditation? Affirmation, Visualization or just sit back relax?

          1. Okay, will do so.

            I do visulations and affirmations, while sometimes just meditating to relax and relieve stress.

          2. I don’t get the clear, pristine vision anymore. But I also don’t feel as much negative emotions and don’t show any signs of entering alpha stage, any help?

          3. Are you stressing a lot on getting clear vision in your meditation? May be when you are meditating you are focusing too much on the kind of result you want.

            If you are not feeling negative much, then it means you are getting there. Besides, the main aim of meditation is removing all toxins from your body. Why don’t you try positive thinking now? May be you are already in Alpha stage?

          4. Im not stressing, I don’t really think about anything other than the numbers.

            My alpha stage seems to be weak, or not working.

          5. That’s okay. Just keep trying and you will get there. You did say that your negative thoughts are getting less, so that’s a sign that you are going the right way.

            If you feel anything else, anything out of the way, please do share.

          6. This is unrelated to (this topic and session) but what made you choose the muslim religion? I’ve been looking for a religion I can agree with and believe in, and christianity doesn’t seem like that one.

          7. This is unrelated indeed. But since you asked, All I can say is, read books. Authentic ones. And see which religion YOUR HEART CHOOSES. Because logically every religion has things that we do not have answers to. Religion is supposed to be unquestioned. So when you do go through different books, your heart will lead you.

            Why I choose to be a Muslim? Because Islam is backed up with proofs. Quran was written many decades ago and it has various things that science is proving these days. It certainly couldn’t have been the work of a human to have known things that are being discovered now. Quran talks about everything. From earths formation to lifestyles to everything. And it also mentions “There are signs everywhere around you, for those who believe.”


            Having said that, I will still recommend that you read books from all religions, and let your heart decide.

          8. Also, I once think my mind power helped with a major thing, there was this show, it hadn’t had any news about a sequel, and it finished 3-5 years ago. I thought about how great it would be for it to come back, how enjoyable it would be and that was all I thought about for a week, and news about the season 2 came out. But this was just when I started applying LOA to my life, I guess its because I really wanted it? But animes cost millions to make…

          9. That was Mind Power. It was all mind power. We start to question our own powers, like how can something so big happen through just out thoughts. But they do.

            Like, being a Subway Surfer fan, once while playing I was like, I really wish this tour goes to India. I would like to see what it looks like. And 2 days later, the game switched to Mumbai. I was happy so I said, okay next I want to go PARIS (because I love love love Paris). The idea of running on Paris streets was crazy but good. And the next tour went to Paris.

            Then I thought, Well game developers should allow users to get a free trial of new surf boards. How else would we know what we are buying. And it happened too. They gave a 24 hour free trial of surf board.

            Such huge results make us doubt but these are Mind Power results and they work.

  8. Are you talking about the app where you run from the train cops?

    If you start thinking about something, then an explosion of activity starts coming up around that area, is that also mind power?

    My relatives/parents/grandparents think this idea is crazy, and I haven’t told them I using it. How should I deal with this?

    1. Yes, I am talking about that exact app.

      And yes again. When you start thinking about something, the signals are sent and you set the ball rolling. The universe sends back signals in the form of events, activities and opportunities.

      People would think this is a crazy idea because if Mind Power worked, wouldn’t everyone be living the life of their dreams? But the thing about Mind Power is, as I just said, the universe sends back signals, events, activities 7 opportunities. It is YOU who has to pick one of it.Suppose you did Mind Power thinking to get a job. The universe will sends you 5 job opportunities. Now it’s up to you to choose which job will be best.

      You do not have to tell them in details if you think they cannot handle it. Just tell them you are living on the mantra of “Be Positive & Live Positive.”. When you think Good, Good comes to you.

      1. Does it matter if you meditate longer than you should, in multiple sessions (also longer than you should) or anything like that?

        1. Not at all. It just depends on your “connection.”

          Whether you get connected within 5 minutes, or in 30 mins, once a day or several times a day, at late night, or early morning. The only thing that matters is that when you meditate, you should feel the connection. Your mind, body and soul should all feel connected.

          1. LOA is taunting me. I looked at a book but couldn’t get it, and now stuff about that book pops up almost everywhere e-e.
            Also, mass consciousness, where everyone thinks positively and hopes for something to happen, are there any events for this? And finally, do you have any opinion on stuff like Astral projecting and the sort?

          2. Mass consciousness where everyone thinks positive and hopes for something GOOD to happen? RIGHT? Yes they happen. They are all around you. And they may be happening just at the corner of your residents.

            Sunday church gathering, Friday mosque gathering, Hindu pujaas and aarti’s… What are these? These are exactly those places where everyone comes with hope and sends out prayers…

            Have you ever wondered why holy places tend to give religious people a very strange form of satisfaction and peace? That’s because these places have the highest amount of positive energies.

            Astral projection is something that I don’t talk about much for the reason that any new person can start doing it with half the information and it may pose problems for them. Sometimes you can’t get back to your own body. So it is best to be learnt by professionals and the first few sessions of Astral Projection be done in their supervision.

  9. i think this is amazing. thank you Aisha. it is the best way to help me. I am going to use this to visualize what i want and become positive. once i have done the meditation i will let you know how i felt 🙂


    1. For some it happens on the first day itself but usually it takes time like a week or two to reach the alpha stage. As you keep meditating, you reach alpha stage without any problem.

  10. Do you have to count? I just really hate counting, it makes me very impatient and annoyed so I’d rather anything but count. But I really want to try this to change my eyes and fix my teeth.

    1. There are other methods that you can choose.

      One method is to think of a happy place. What place makes you feel peaceful? A silent beach with waves flowing? Or may be sitting in a garden and birds chirping. Close your eyes and imagine your happy place. Go in details. Every minor detail. What color are the leaves. What season is it. What color are the birds. The sound of birds chirping. The wind blowing on your face. Is the wind cold or warm. Are there clouds? Are the clouds moving. Do you see any shapes made in the clouds.

      When you think of these details, your mind will ease out and be focused on relaxing.

      Another method is to relax your body. Close your eyes, then start from your head. Relax your head. Focus on your head, take a deep breath and with that breath, just let go of your head and relax it. Then your face, then your neck, then your shoulder….arms, chest, stomach, legs. With each body part, take a deep breath and let go of it.

      Once your are done, think of your entire body and relax further. Then feel yourself as light as the cloud. Now you are just a soul. You are going higher and higher into the universe and your soul is reaching that higher state of peace and happiness.

      Try any of these two methods and see which one works better for you.

  11. Rybka Angelina

    But can I choose my own words like “now. I’ll counting backwards from 10 n when I reached 0 n open my eyes, I’ll continue to be a beautiful person, happy, and having turquoise eyes, and feel bless”?? Thnk u💕💟

  12. My problem is when I think positive or luck it will turn worse day!huh I have difficult making friends and I hate being compared with my sister who more beautiful and easy make friends.

    1. Did you read my blog on how to cut out negative thoughts? I have written a detailed blog on how to clear away from negativity. You will find them in the Mind Power section.

  13. Can I listen to alpha beats while counting bcz i live in a noisy area? If I want to change my eye color can i use only affirmations without visualizing? bcz i cant visualize the same exact color every dayand how many times i should say the affirmation after the countdown?
    can i use hypnosis session at night for another different goal? or it will be difficult?

  14. What will happen if I don’t end the meditation? Do I get to enjoy being in that awesome state all day then or would that be a bad idea?

  15. I love starting with baby steps. Because I have jump started and accidently called earthbound spirit or may be more than one. It scared me, this will ease me again without overwhelming me. Thank u.

  16. Hey Aisha,
    Today I decided to start with the meditation to reach the alpha stage, but I have a question- is there any problem if I have many affirmations, because I want to improve many things in my life. I’d be glad if you answer to my question. Thank you.

  17. Hi
    I’m very happy to read your blog
    Before reading it fully I shared the link with my friends
    I will try this and share my experience with you

  18. Hey. I’m practicing this step to reach the alpha stage. Whenever I count backward from 100 to 0, sometimes I accidentally fall asleep and lost count. And whenever I try to visualize, my mind easily goes elsewhere. I am hoping to change my eyes from dark brown to hazel. I hope you will be able to respond to this message.

    1. You can try another method of going into alpha stage.

      If the countdown is not working, try thinking of a happy place. What place makes you feel peaceful? A silent beach with waves flowing? Or may be sitting in a garden and birds chirping. Close your eyes and imagine your happy place. Go in details. Every minor detail. What color are the leaves. What season is it. What color are the birds. The sound of birds chirping. The wind blowing on your face. Is the wind cold or warm. Are there clouds? Are the clouds moving. Do you see any shapes made in the clouds.

      When you think of these details, your mind will ease out and be focused on relaxing.

      Another method is to relax your body. Close your eyes, then start from your head. Relax your head. Focus on your head, take a deep breath and with that breath, just let go of your head and relax it. Then your face, then your neck, then your shoulder….arms, chest, stomach, legs. With each body part, take a deep breath and let go of it.

      Once your are done, think of your entire body and relax further. Then feel yourself as light as the cloud. Now you are just a soul. You are going higher and higher into the universe and your soul is reaching that higher state of peace and happiness.

      Try any of these two methods and see which one works better for you.

      Let me know the results or if you have any more queries.

      1. Thank you so much for replying. I thought it was normal for beginners to fall asleep when counting haha. Anyways. I will update you next week about my results.

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