Letter # 1 : Dear Lil Baby

Pregnant women holding ultrasound

This is the first letter in the series – Dear Son, that I am starting.

Dear Lil Baby,

Hello there little one. This is your mommy. This is the first time I am officially talking to you because now you can hear me and feel me. I just want to let you know the day we found out that we are going to have you, your daddy and I were both the happiest. It was the biggest day of my life.

I remember it so clearly, 26th of January, my birthday and the greatest gift that I could get was the blood report in my hand that said I was going to be your mommy. Your daddy, well his reaction was priceless. I saw tears fill his eyes and the strength it took to roll those tears back because mommy was already crying and baba had to hold her in his strong arms, just like he is going to hold you.

Daddy wanted you so badly as he told me before we got married and God gave you to us without making us wait. And for that, we will forever be thankful to him, for his eternal blessing.

My lil baby, you are already growing big with each day and I can feel you move and I can feel your heart beat as I place my hand my belly. Oh mommy and daddy already love you so much, imagine our love when you will actually be in our arms. You will always be loved no matter what.

We are desperately waiting for you to join us, not that you already have not.

I know you are thinking, “Both of you don’t even look matured or adult enough to handle me – You both look so messed up, play pillow fights like 14 year old, steal each other’s food, and fight with water guns. Basically you act like crazy little teenagers. How you gonna be my mommy and daddy?”

You know what. We don’t know how to be mommy and daddy yet. They didn’t teach us that in school. But what we do know is, we will still play pillow fights, we will still fight with water guns and we will still act like crazy little teenagers. We both don’t plan on growing up that soon.

So, heads up my lil baby.  You are in for lots and lots of fun, love and care. Because that’s all we have to give you – lots and lots of fun, love and care.

That’s all for now. You take care in there.

Love you,
Mommy & Daddy

P.S: Please sleep early at night. It’s not good to kick your mommy at night especially when she has had a long day of work and has to wake up early for work the next day. Love you.


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