Woman getting diagnosed by the doctor - Hope and Belief

The Initial 5 Stages of Emotions When Diagnosed with Cancer

  Life often takes unexpected turns, throwing us into situations we never imagined we’d face. One moment, everything seems normal, and the next, you’re facing something you never imagined you’d have to deal with. That’s exactly what happened to me. My plot twist came in the form of a cancer diagnosis—a curveball that changed everything …

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A white desktop with scissors, stapler, pen holder, paper clips and an open register, with ‘goals’ as heading.

Are You Ready to Set SMART Goals & Reach Your Dreams

“There will be obstacles. There will be doubters. There will be mistakes. But with hard work, there are no limits.” —Michael Phelps We all have small and big dreams and we wish to achieve them in life. Some of us simply keep dreaming about them without being aware of SMART Goals examples to accomplish them. …

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Money with Lock - Attract Money With Mind Power

Become a Money Magnet Part 1 – How to Make Money with Mind Power

Are you stuck financially – a job that pays less, money that goes away faster than it comes, bank account that has no savings, and loans that stand tall as mountains? While everyone around you is sharing their success stories, bragging about their new car, inviting you to their housewarming parties, and going on exotic …

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Happy girl dancing in grass field under sunset - weight loss story

I Lost Stubborn Weight After Many Years – Success Story

A success story by Eliza Ruth who used mind power and the power of her thoughts to lose stubborn weight and become comfortable in her own body. Learn how you can achieve more than just your goals through the power of your mind. This story will transform your life towards a better living.

Two roads to choose - make decision

Effective and Right Way of Using Power of Thoughts & Manifestations

Bring a change in the way you think – think positive, happy, perfect, amazing, adventurous, fabulous… Avoid every negative thought. In fact, take out every negative word from your vocabulary when you are feeding your thoughts. Think positively about everything that you want. Think exactly how you want it. Give direct, simple and straight commands that are easy for your subconscious mind to process.

Calm and serene crystal ball on a beach - Spiritual and Meditation | Alpha State of Mind

Meditation – The Key To Reach Alpha State Of Mind

I want you to pause yourself. Stop what you are doing. Sit back and think, when was the last time you felt elevated -light, content and absolutely free? 

I am talking about a time when you were not in a hurry to go somewhere, to be somewhere, to do something or to be someone. A moment when you were, JUST YOU. A time when nothing around you mattered, not even checking for social media updates over your phone as if one second delay would cause a nuclear world war. A time when you you had nothing on your mind, no cooking, assignments, projects, love, family, or money. 


If you can remember that time and if that time is not more than 24 hours away, kudos to you my dear friend for you have mastered the art of life.

If you can’t remember having that time, then sadly you are living a very monotonous robotic life – work, money, projects, assignments, deadlines, quotas, mortgages, installments, loans etc. Everything is today except “you.” “You” are always tomorrow and that tomorrow never really comes, does it? 

Meditation gives you that “you” moment.

Successful man sitting on mountain top - winner.

Power of Thoughts & Manifestations to Achieve Anything : Introduction

Good greetings. I am glad you found this article because it will change your life and how you perceive the world around you. We are talking about power of thoughts, manifestations and affirmations. More importantly we are going to talk about how they work and how we can connect with the universe. Now, before I …

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Women peacefully sitting on the beach - free and happy

Are You Really “Awake” When You Are Awake?

Before I talk about being “awake,” I want to take you through a few moments in your life that happen daily and I want you to think about it. Instance # 1 . When you get up in the morning, you immediately head to the bathroom, reach for your toothbrush, pick the toothpaste, apply the …

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