The Magic of Mind Power, Energies & Healing

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Most of the articles you find over the web talk about how you can change your life using the power of your mind – to get contentment, a good life, a job, happiness, beauty, money, and more. Basically getting everything with mind power.

However, not many articles talk about how you can use your mind power for healing purposes. So today, I am devoting all my time to talking about healing with mind power. It’s so strange how we all have these powers that we never know and some of us actually use them without even realizing it.

Let’s begin with understanding these powers to believe in them.

Connecting the Dots Between Mind Power, Energies & Healing

Do you remember your parents kisses when you got hurt, which somehow made you feel better? Or that time you had a headache and your parents hand over your forehead soothed you? Or when you were depressed and a friend’s hug brought you in a better place?

That’s transferring energies from one person to another – transferring positive energies in the form of kisses, hugs, and affectionate touches. These are energies that are transferred with contact.

Do you remember asking someone to pray for you when you were ill or a friend wishing you luck when you had a paper or an interview? Your mother praying for your success? Many religions believe in reciting verses from their holy book and blowing on another person to heal or bless them. There is a certain amount of belief attached in prayers and it works.

That’s again, transferring energies from one person to another – sending energies directly to the person in the form of thoughts, prayers, blessings, and wishes. These are energies that are transferred with thoughts.

My Personal Success Story of Using Mind Power for Healing Others

A few years ago, I took a 3 level Reiki course to learn how to heal using mind power from Prof. Dr. Abdul Samad. For most of the classes, we meditated with our eyes closed. We were taught how to stay calm, focus our minds, clean our thoughts, and use patterns for healing.

At the end of the course, we had a 3-day seminar with over 200 people where Dr. Abdul Samad practically showed the healing process – he randomly picked 3 healers from our class and  3 volunteers who had some kind of illness to be healed. I was picked as a healer and the person I was supposed to heal was a man in his early 40s, who was suffering from a chronic sore throat.

I did what I had learned from our class. Usually, you are supposed to place your hands on the area to be healed but I did not want to touch a random man, so I just closed my eyes and focused all my energy on his throat. I focused that his throat was better. I started sending my energy while focusing on his throat. 

At the end of 5 minutes, after I opened my eyes, this man was asked to tell what he felt. To my utter shock, this man said that he felt SOOTHING COLD in his throat.  Imagine being able to heal a person from a distance. Isn’t that something amazing? Reiki classes taught me that all it takes for you to heal someone is to send them your good energies.

Since then, I have tried using my mind power to heal others and it has worked all the time. Sometimes the results are slow and sometimes the results are astonishing – but they always work depending on how powerful your control over your mind is.

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