Dear Son, Cheers to Our Little Victory

Mother holding lil baby's hand in love - Son/Daughter Love

This letter is a part of the series – Dear Son, that I have been doing since my lil baby was born. He was diagnosed with ADHD when he was 4. My journey with him has been full of difficulties in the sense that I live in a society where mental health and any mental issues are always disregarded. For my son, I had to break all cultural chains, fight all stereotypical judgments and do what was right for him. I feel blessed to have him in my life and I will always fight for him and his smile. 

Dear Lil Baby,

It feels like I was training you for a battle and today you won that battle. I know it may not be a significant achievement to others, as they didn’t struggle as hard as you had to but for you and me, this is huge.

I am so proud of you, my boy.

But this battle is just the start of a war ahead. I wish I could say it would be easy but its not. Does that scare you? Its okay if it scares you because it scares me too. But remember, I am always by your side, fighting for you and fighting with you. Its us against the world. You are not alone and you never will be alone.

Do you know what gives me courage? Its my belief in our hardships and in our prayers. Together, these two are weapons enough and if we both carry them as tight as we can, we will make it to the end. And one day the world will know that there was a boy who despite all odds became what nobody else could imagine.


-Aysha Ahmed

This letter was written when my little one got promoted to grade 1 in his school, despite us all thinking that he wasn’t ready and might have to repeat his term in kindergarten. When I received his certificate and news of promotion, I was beyond happy. In that moment, I knew, we were both okay, we were both doing good and that, together we will make it no matter how difficult the situations get.

So to all the mothers with a special child – do not underestimate your child’s potential. They have potentials unlike others and they have gifts that are unmatched. Take your time and be patient with them, they will make you proud one day.

More power to all super mothers.

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