How I Potty Trained My Child with ADHD in Just One Month

Potty Training ADHD Child on Potty Seat

Potty training can be a daunting task for any parent, but potty training an ADHD child, now that becomes even more challenging. I found myself in this very situation, struggling to potty train my son despite trying every method in the book. From ditching the diapers to offering rewards for successful trips to the bathroom, nothing seemed to work. It was a frustrating cycle of trial and error, leaving me feeling helpless and exhausted.

The Long Road to Frustration and Desperation: Years of Struggle

I embarked on the journey of potty training when my son was just two years old. Like many parents, I followed the traditional methods – transitioning from diapers to training pants, frequent bathroom trips, and plenty of encouragement. However, as the months passed, it became clear that these conventional approaches weren’t effective for my son.

Despite our best efforts, progress was slow, if nonexistent. By the age of five, we had made some minor headway, but accidents were still a common occurrence. My son struggled to recognize the need to use the bathroom until it was too late, leading to frustrating setbacks. My concerns grew when he was a six year old going to school still reliant on diapers. Then the nightly struggles with leaks and finding suitable diaper sizes added to the stress.

Desperation set in as I faced the financial strain of expensive diapers and the emotional toll of constant vigilance. It seemed like an endless cycle of asking my son if he needed to go, only to be met with resistance or accidents. I scoured the internet for advice, willing to try anything that offered a glimmer of hope. But everything on the internet failed like a broken promise. Each method I tried left me feeling more defeated than before. From sticker charts to reward systems, we attempted them all, only to be met with frustration and disappointment. It was a heartbreaking realization that there was no quick fix to our potty training struggles.

The One Trick that Changed Everything – Potty Trained an ADHD Child in a Month

Then, like a ray of light in the darkness, came the solution that transformed our lives. It wasn’t a complex method or expensive gadget. It was his TABLET. We had purchased it for him to engage in cognitive play games, hoping to stimulate his mind. Little did we know, it would become the catalyst for his potty training success.

I set up alarms on his tablet to ring every hour, from 6 am to 7 pm. It was a total of 13 alarms in the start. I explained the routine to my son – when the alarm rings, it means its “pee pee time.” For the first day, I would simply hype him each time the alarm rang, as if it was a game. And to my amazement, he embraced it wholeheartedly.

Like clockwork, he responded to the alarms with unwavering consistency. At the sound of each chime, he would dash to the bathroom without hesitation. Gone were the days of constant reminders and pleading – now, he was taking charge of his bathroom visits independently.

With each passing week, I gradually extended the time between alarms, confident in my son’s growing bladder control. After seven days, I adjusted the intervals to every 1.5 hours, reducing the number of alarms to nine. Another week later, we stretched it to every two hours, bringing the total down to seven alarms.

By the fourth week, something miraculous happened – my son was fully potty trained during the day, even without the aid of alarms. No more accidents marred our days, and the burden of daytime diapers was finally lifted.

Yet, our journey wasn’t quite complete. Nighttime potty training remained a challenge, requiring patience and perseverance. It took an additional two to three months of consistent effort, ensuring that my son visited the bathroom before bed each night. Slowly but surely, he gained control over his nighttime bladder, and the need for diapers faded away completely.

Celebrating Success: A Year of Freedom

I cannot explain how happy I was when I saw a pack full of diapers in his closet, just sitting there for months and then I finally gave them away. I did not know that such an insignificant development, would be one of my greatest achievements. I was happy and I sure wasn’t hiding it. Imagine the kind of money I was going to save.

We even celebrated it with a cake and lots of cheering because why the hell not. This was an achievement worth celebrating like every little achievement he makes in his life, how much ever insignificant it may feel to others.

Now, at seven years old, my son is fully potty trained, both day and night. The days of struggling with diapers are behind us, replaced by a sense of freedom and accomplishment. What once felt like an insurmountable challenge has become a distant memory, thanks to one simple trick that changed everything.

Hope for the Journey Ahead

Potty training an ADHD child can feel like an uphill battle, but it’s not an impossible feat. With patience, persistence, and a willingness to think outside the box, success is within reach. For me, setting alarms on a tablet was the key that unlocked the door to potty training success. If you’re facing similar struggles, don’t lose hope. Sometimes, all it takes is one small change to make a world of difference.

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