Hope & Belief Monthly Newsletter – February Edition

Hope and Belief Monthly Insights Newsletter - Mental Health Awareness

It’s the end of month and this month had been a great source of information for everyone. At Hope and Belief, we continued to spread mental health awareness, spiritual healing, and positive thoughts by addressing mental health issues for everyone, to make their lives better, peaceful, and happy. 

We covered a variety of topics on attracting money, how to take a good revenge, how to overcome anxiety disorder, Schizophrenia and 10 celebrities with dyslexia. Here is a quick recap of all blogs we covered this month to spread mental health awareness.

Money with Lock - Attract Money With Mind Power

Become a Money Magnet Part 2 – Visualizing Money & Attracting Wealth

The secret to become a money magnet was never so easy before. Nobody ever thought you had the ability to make money with mind power or you could attract wealth by simply visualizing it in your memory. We explained how to attract money with mind power using positive thinking, visualization, and a firm mindset. We explained the importance of being generous to the needy and how it can help you attract money. We described how to overpower the fear of failure and seize opportunities to attract money fast.  

Unlock all the revealed secrets to attract money.

Chess board with checkmate - Good Revenge

Good Revenge – What it Really Means & How it’s Done

People take revenge in all phases of life and on all levels. Sometimes, it causes no harm, and sometimes it causes great harm that cannot be reversed. Revenge is an emotional and psychological state which automatically gets triggered, resulting in solid energy in a person who is being offended by other. When you are being wronged by someone, your mind thinks of plans on how to take a good revenge on the wrongdoer. But what if you changed your route from going towards a negative revenge, to taking a good revenge that benefits you? 

Learn how to take a good revenge that benefits you. 

Man touching palms of his hands to each other while some fingers cover his mouth

How to Overcome Anxiety Disorder – Signs, Symptoms, and Treatment

According to World Health Organization, in 2019, 301 million people suffered from anxiety disorder out of which 58 million were children and teenagers.  In 2020, during Covid-19 pandemic, there was a 26% increase in the anxiety disorder. An anxiety disorder is a form of mental health condition in which you have fear and dread as a response to some situations and things. If you have anxiety disorder you can have a fast heartbeat, sweating, restlessness or obsessive thoughts.

Find out how you can treat anxiety disorder.

Blur image of moving people at train platform

What it Feels to Have Schizophrenia – Symptoms, Causes & Treatment

Schizophrenia is a long-lasting, severe mental disorder which affects the way a person thinks, feels and behaves. According to World Health Organization, Schizophrenia affects approximately 24 million people or 1 in 300 people (0.32%) worldwide. It is not as common as many other mental disorders. It affects your performance at school, work or in relationships. It is a lifelong chronic disease without a complete cure but it can be controlled with proper treatment. 

Discover all the coping methods of schizophrenia.

'DYSLEXIA' spelled on blocks, with alphabet in opposite direction - celebrities with dyslexia

Success Stories of 10 Celebrities with Dyslexia

Dyslexia is a learning disability that affects a person’s reading, writing, and spelling abilities. It is a neurological disorder that affects the way the brain processes information. It affects all races, ethnic backgrounds, and socio-economic levels. You would think people with dyslexia may never succeed in life because reading and writing are the basics of getting an education which will help in finding a career path. But there are famous historical figures and celebrities with dyslexia who had to go an extra mile to prove their worth to the world. Some of them are Tom Cruise, Bill Gates and Jennifer Aniston. 

Check out how these celebrities battled dyslexia. 

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