Hope & Belief Monthly Newsletter – January Edition

Hope and Belief Monthly Insights Newsletter - Mental Health Awareness

It’s the end of month and this month was a good start of the year 2023. At Hope and Belief, we continued to spread mental health awareness, spiritual healing, and positive thoughts by addressing mental health issues for all – adults, teenagers, and children to make their lives better, peaceful, and happy.

We conducted two successful interviews with Psychologist, Dr. Saniah Ajaz (MSc., MPhil, PhD. and NLP), and mental health practitioner, Dr. Amna Muhammad Ismail (MPhil and PhD fellow).

Dr. Saniah Ajaz, has worked with many mental issues including Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD), stress & anxiety disorders, sexual psychotherapy, gender dysphoria, bipolar disorder, and delusional disorder. She discussed the long-term effects of Covid-19, depression, and advice on how to battle depression during times of a global recession.

Read her insightful interview, here.

Dr. Amna Muhammad Ismail is skilled at conducting psychological and IQ assessments and provides psychotherapeutic intervention using an eclectic approach. She shared her insights about children’s mental health, new age mental problems and long-term effects of digital screens. She further advised parents on children’s mental health and instructed on 3A’s of parenting.

Read her interview for parental advice, here.

We also covered a variety of topics on attracting money, boosting emotional health, positive affirmations, and getting rid of toxic emotions that can help change and reshape lives. Here is a quick recap of all blogs we covered this month to spread mental health awareness.

Money with Lock - Attract Money With Mind Power

Become a Money Magnet Part 1 – How to Make Money with Mind Power

Are you stuck financially – a job that pays less, money that goes away faster than it comes, bank account that has no savings, and loans that stand tall as mountains? While everyone around you is sharing their success stories, bragging about their new car, inviting you to their housewarming parties, and going on exotic trips, you can barely survive the month with the money that you have.

If you are working hard and trying every possible strategy in your work life, but still not achieving the financial results as expected, then you are stuck financially.

Unlock the 4 ways to attract money with mind power.

Girl Emotionally Sad and Dark - Boost Emotional Health

10 Ways to Boost Your Emotional Health

Have you noticed that emotionally stable people are able to navigate their life easier, even though they experience stress, tantrums, grief, and sorrow?

The US Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMSHA) explains that being emotionally well does not mean expressing happiness or being happy all the time. It all comes down to setting priorities and achieving the highest level of mindfulness. People with higher emotional health can deal compassionately with thoughts, whether they are positive or negative, and as a result, they are able to make better decisions even in tough situations.

Learn the 10 ways to boost your emotional health.

Hot air balloons in the blue sky - Let Go Free

Explore the Power of Letting Go For Eternal Inner Peace

Time and again we experience emotional pain or grief that becomes part of our lives without us even realizing so. Sometimes we hold on to the past like it is our lifejacket in a rough sea of our emotions. It becomes our conscious choice then. It becomes our personality. Whether we are holding on to pain or a grudge against someone, it adds extra weight on us. This extra weight blocks us from seeing present happiness because we are so focused on our past that we fail to see it. Holding on to unwanted past, blocks the wanted present from reaching us.

Find out how you can let go of the past and get its weight off of you.

Scrabble blocks saying "Let it go" - How to Forgive

6 Steps of Forgiveness & Letting go for True Inner Peace of Mind

People have wronged you, and you are at a point where you have a mental war in which you can’t decide whether you should forgive them. You struggle with a reason to forgive those who hurt you to a point, that you think, is not worthy of being forgiven? Forgiving others and finding true inner peace is a journey that requires a lot of hard work, effort, and dedication. But the rewards are well worth it – you reduce your depression, improve your physical health, and finally find the eternal peace of your mind that was lost.

Explore all 6 steps of forgiveness for true inner peace of mind.

Powerful Daily Affirmations - Background

Powerful Daily Affirmations – An Effective Tool for Mental Health & Well-being

Affirmations help us in developing and reinforcing new attitudes, behavior, and a positive mindset. They cannot take away worries miraculously but repeating short positive affirmations throughout the day brings a wave of positive energy and these positive energies start attracting positive energies. It’s like becoming a magnet to everything good in the world.

Discover all 20 powerful daily affirmations.

Woman's hand on window - Seasonal Depression

Is Seasonal Depression Real

When the seasons start changing, you often find yourself depressed without any valid reason. You have lack of energy and motivation for your usual activities. You notice that you oversleep and overeat, and hence gain more weight. When this happens at the same time of the year, it is Seasonal Depression, also known as Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD). It is a real issue and should be addressed for a better mental health. Make sure you avoid the symptoms from occurring the next same season by following the suitable treatment options.

Find out how you can treat seasonal depression.

Stay tuned with Hope and Belief to stay updated on issues relating to mental health, spiritual healing, mind power and meditation. Together we can spread mental health awareness and help make the world a better place.

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